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Just logging in - peter.
objectivity doesn't exist here.
Just logging in
Hello there. Just thought I'd log into LiveJournal after all this time.

BTW...Pandora.com is a really freakin' cool website (it's kinda like last.fm but in a nice, small flash interface. No downloads or anything. Yay.)

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Listening to: Tito Puente - Con Alma

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phillipthorpe From: phillipthorpe Date: April 3rd, 2006 10:29 am (UTC) (Link)
It's pretty freakin' cool, aye...
but for the stuff I listen to, it doesn't seem to give great stations

The music it plays isn't bad, but if I wanna hear stuff that sounds like Mogwai, it gives me stuff that doesn't sound like it at all, which kinda defeats the purpose of trying a station that sounds like Mogwai... Last.fm seems to give me more relevant results, and while there is a download involved I kinda like having it separate from my browser... tho the flash on pandora is pretty damn sweet

Also, hi :) Wanna meet me at the Getty on Weds? :D hehe :p
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