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Speeding Ticket: Reloaded. - peter.
objectivity doesn't exist here.
Speeding Ticket: Reloaded.
My ongoing legal battle with the Superior Court of Los Angeles County has finally come to an end. After extorting $186 from me, the court took 4 months to reach a decision and let me know about it.

The vedict? Guilty. Traffic school OK. You owe us $46.

"Officer" Raymond Hsu (ID# 3775) actually took the time to write a response to my allegations that he cited me by setting up an illegal speed trap. Of course the court won't tell you WHY they reached their decision, or even what the officer wrote in his response. You're guilty. Take traffic school. Give us more money.

Yes, I'm bitter. Yes, I'm pissed. Yes, I exceeded the posted speed limit.

Traffic enforcement is a fucking joke. It's simply a revenue enhancer for the city, and with the exception of getting drunk drivers off the road, it does little to make our lives safer.


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