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From WKMG-TV in Orlando, FL...

Woman Fired For Eating 'Unclean' Meat
Attorney: 'It's A Classic Case Of Religious Discrimination'


ORLANDO, Fla. -- A Central Florida woman was fired from her job after eating "unclean" meat and violating a reported company policy that pork and pork products are not permissible on company premises, according to Local 6 News.

Lina Morales was hired as an administrative assistant at Rising Star -- a Central Florida telecommunications company with strong Muslim ties, Local 6 News reported.

However, 10 months after being hired by Rising Star, religious differences led to her termination.

Morales, who is Catholic, was warned about eating pizza with meat the Muslim faith considered "unclean," Local 6 News reported. She was then fired for eating a bacon, lettuce and tomato sandwich, according to the report.

"Are you telling me they fired you because you had something with ham on it?" Local 6 News reporter Mike Holfeld asked.

"Yes," Morales said.

Woman Fired After Eating Pork

Holfeld asked, "A pizza and a BLT sandwich?"

"Yes," Morales said.

Local 6 News obtained the termination letter that states she was fired for refusing to comply with company policy that pork and pork products are not permissible on company premises.

However, by the company's own admission to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, that policy is not written, Local 6 News reported.

"Did you ever sign to or agree to anything that said I will not eat pork?" Holfeld asked Morales.

"Never," Morales said. "When I got hired there, they said we don't care what religion you are."

Attorney Travis Hollifield is representing Morales in a lawsuit against the company.

"It's just un-American," Hollifield said. "It's not in compliance with the laws of this country."

Local 6 News reported that the case has precedent-setting issues because it addresses employee rights and religion in the workplace.

"It's a classic case of religious discrimination," Hollifield said. "They have not articulated a single reason other than religious reason behind the policy."

The CEO of Rising Star, Kujaatele Kweli, told Local 6 News that they have tried to create an office that accommodates anybody's religion -- not just Islam.

"Clearly you're accommodating," Holfeld said.

"Yes." Kweli replied.

"And you have an ecumenical philosophy," Holfeld said.

"Yes," Kweli replied.

"[Then] shouldn't you be able to accommodate all faiths in the same lunch room?" Holfeld asked.

"We do, we can," Kweli said.

"But you've dismissed one of your employees for eating pork in the lunch room," Holfeld said.

"Yes, pork is considered unclean," Kweli said.

The Koran forbids Muslims from eating pork. And according to Kweli, Morales and every employee at the company is advised of the no pork policy.

"Our point of view is to respect the laws of the land and the laws of the land as I understand it is to the accommodate people's right to practice their religions if you can," Kweli said.

"Even if it impacts other people?" Holfeld asked.

"Well, it always impacts other people," Kweli replied.

Orlando attorney Mark Nejame is close to the Muslim community, Local 6 News reported. He said Kweli's intentions may cross constitutional parameters, according to the report.

"They're making it seem that if you don't follow a certain set of religious practices and beliefs then you're going to be terminated and that's wrong," Nejame said. "If this case prevails, what it will mean -- the implications of this case -- is it will eliminate accommodations of religion."

Both sides are steadfast in their belief that they are right. Morales is taking the company to court charging discrimination, Local 6 News reported.

Watch Local 6 News for more on this story.

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Kim, Karina and I went to Old Town Pasadena last night to rent a DVD...

Turns out that of her 28 titles, Romantix Pasadena had exactly one available! Let's just say that 2 on 1's #16 has her doing the nasty--pretty damn nastily. I ripped her scene off of the DVD last night and I'm encoding an AVI this morning. I'll burn a CD for whoever wants one, but don't expect it to be posted in full on the web. Maybe a few clips or something.

Judging from her performance, Jessica Sweet isn't all that convincing of an actress, but she does receive off-camera directions well. And she gets slam fucked! What could be better?!

Let me warn you, though...it's a really fucking weird feeling to see someone you know as a soft-spoken, innocent girl talking dirty to some guy who's fucking her on videotape. Really weird.

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This one is for Pasadena High School people...do you remember going to school with this prety, smiling face?

Well, take a wild fucking guess what she does for a living now.Collapse )

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God, I love work.

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A newsbrief from the Drug Reform Coordination Network (StopTheDrugWar.com)...

Newsbrief: British Drug Panel Considering Anti-Drug Vaccinations for Schoolchildren 7/30/04

The British newspaper the Independent on Sunday reported this week that "a radical scheme to vaccinate children against future drug addiction is being considered by ministers." Actually, the proposal is being considered by a committee of scientists empaneled by the government earlier this year, the Brain Science, Addiction and Drugs project.

Under the scheme, physicians would immunize children against drugs such as heroin, cocaine, and nicotine. The plan would target children "at risk" of becoming smokers or drug users, but at this stage there is no clue as to how it will be decided who is "at risk."

Such an immunization would "provide adults with protection from the euphoria that is experienced by drug users," the Independent reported. According to the newspaper, such concoctions are being developed by pharmaceutical companies and could be on the market within two years.

"People could be vaccinated against drugs at birth as you are against measles," said David Nutt, a committee member as well as a senior member of the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs. "You could say cocaine is more dangerous than measles, for example. It is important that there is a debate on this issue. This is a huge topic -- addiction and smoking are major causes of premature death."

The proposal is raising caution flags in Britain and beyond. Members of Parliament warned that while such a program could be beneficial, it must be done with public consultation and with a close look at ethical questions.

The Center for Cognitive Liberty and Ethics, a California-based organization, is warning that anti-drug immunizations are a prime example of what it refers to as "coercive pharmacotherapy" and is sounding the alarm against the proposal. Earlier this month, the Center published a 50-page report on the topic. The report, "Pharmacotherapy and the Future of the Drug War," is available at http://www.cognitiveliberty.org/issues/pharmacotherapy.html online.

What the hell?
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Since I've got enough people infuriated with my evil capitalist rants, I'll tell a boring story about work.

At KLRN Instructional Television, we've got a monumental library of programming, all on videocassette. Unfortunately, the majority of this is comprised of 5-hour school board meetings and late 80s to early 90s public television-funded educational programming. During the nighttime, we air these shows until around 9:00, and then we run a satellite feed of NASA television or Classic Arts Showcase overnight as "filler" programming. NASA runs in the morning and afternoon as well, with a few of our regular series shows peppering the lineup (Conversations with the Camwhore Superintendent, a 30 minute roundtable talk show and Superintendent's Narcissistic Update, a 5 minute program highlighting what's going on in the district each week). Our superintendent loves seeing himself on a local cable channel. Anyways, I digress.

We're picking up the NASA feed one day when I notice a promo saying that they're moving to a different bird in the sky. How much advanced notice did they give? Oh, about 3 days' notice.

So I figured "fine, we've got two satellite systems, we should be able to pick it up still."

Problem. Our main dish isn't programmed to swing to AMC-6, the new satellite for the feed. Oops. Unlike the pizza-sized satellite dishes that you can find in the average neighborhood, our dishes are 12 feet in diameter. With Dish Network or DirecTV, you're pointed at one satellite in the sky and all your programming comes through it. Our dishes are motorized and you have to swing them to seperate satellites across the sky.

Satellite Television Crash Course

If you have a small dish at home, let me explain how it works:

1. Your satellite provider downlinks all of your channels using big dishes like the ones we have at KLRN to their facility. These channels are then downconverted to a lower quality, digitally compressed, and then beamed back into the sky to one of their own dishes. Dish Network has 9 of their own satellites, Echostar I through IX. DirecTV has 5 birds in the sky.

2. Your pizza dish then downlinks the compressed signals from your provider's satellites. If you're ever watching the same channel with a friend who has cable and you're talking on the phone, you'll notice a delay. This is because cable providers have many local downlink facilities around the nation and once downlinked directly from the satellites that the channels originate from, it's zipped at the speed of light through cable to your home.

Our dishes downlink programming DIRECTLY from the satellites, there is no middle man to deliver the signal. Anyways, my boss said "we'll program the new satellite into the receiver." Okay. So we tried that today but the satellite is out of the range of our primary receiving site. So we tried the other dish. Unfortunately, that one receive C-band transmissions, which is what NASA is broadcasting on.

I don't know why I just wrote all that, but I'm bored.

So let me close by explaining why the big ugly dishes (BUDs) are better:

1. You get programming directly from the broadcaster with no middle man. The signal is broadcast-quality, and much better than what you get from the little dishes or cable.

2. The big networks distribute their programming to local afiliates using BUDs. You can pick up these feeds in most cases and watch the shows commerical-free, and before they air in your local area.

3. Have you seen Fahrenheit 911? The scenes of all the politicians getting their makeup on were actually pulled off of a satellite feed to the networks. When something live is uplinked, you can pick up the feeds that the networks use and get all the action without commercials, commentary from news anchors, or other crap/

4. You still have to pay for the "cable" channels when you pull them from the satellites, but you can buy channels a-la-carte, you only have to pay for the channels you want.

Whatever. Maybe you learned something today. :)
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From RockTheVote.com:

Rock the Vote is always on alert for when artists are attacked for their political beliefs. And now in a case reminiscent of the Dixie Chicks Linda Rondstadt was thrown out of a Las Vegas hotel for praising filmmaker Michael Moore.

Apparently guests of at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas are not supporters of Michael Moore and his movie "Fahrenheit 9/11". When Rondstadt performed a one-night show and dedicated her song "Desperado" to Moore she was greeted with loud boos and a very angry crowd. She praised him as "a great American patriot" and "someone who is spreading the truth". This led some in the crowd to tear down posters and throw their drinks while demanding their money back. Rondstadt was promptly thrown out of the hotel and not allowed to return to her hotel room. She was told to never come back.

In response to this event Rock the Vote president Jehmu Greene released the following statement:

"The treatment of Linda Rondstadt in Las Vegas earlier this week is yet another frightening example of the climate of hostility that has sprouted up towards artists and free expression in the United States. Ms. Rondstadt’s comments are an example of free speech, which is protected by the U.S. Constitution. The way she was treated is an assault on free expression of all Americans and is a reminder to all why we must fight to protect it everyday."

Gee, last I checked, the Aladdin Hotel is private property. The owners set the rules, and the owners get to kick out whomever the hell they want. End of discussion.
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WASHINGTON (CNN) -- President Bush says he is "disappointed" that a move to effectively ban same-sex marriage was "temporarily blocked" in the Senate, and he is urging the House to take up the matter.

"Activist judges and local officials in some parts of the country are not letting up in their efforts to redefine marriage for the rest of America, and neither should defenders of traditional marriage flag in their efforts," Bush said in a statement.

"It is important for our country to continue the debate on this important issue, and I urge the House of Representatives to pass this amendment."

Efforts to pass a constitutional amendment to effectively ban gay marriage failed in the Senate on Wednesday afternoon.


THANK THE LORD! 6 Republicans, 43 Democrats, and one Independent had the common sense to stop the government from interfering with and further regulating people's lives. You guys know that I've supported Bush with a lot of the issues, but this isn't one of them. It's these attempts at taking away civil liberties that has swayed me from voting Republican in the upcoming election. From what people of both of the Big Parties tell me, I'll be diluting the vote and helping one candidate or another win, but I'm fucking fed up with it.

The differences between Democrats and Republicans are huge if you're assessing them on one level, but in the Big Picture, Repugs and Dumbocraps have little difference between them: they're both trying to increase the size and scope of government, and trying to increase government regulation of our lives. The fact that social conservatives want to regulate what goes on in the bedroom, liberals want to tell businesses what they can and can't do in many aspects, smoking policies being only one minute issue, just infuriates me.

What are people so afraid of? Why doesn't anyone in power believe that we can take care of ourselves? Why can't people just agree on one simple idea being the mantra of government: Do what you want with your life, mind, body, and spirit. Just don't trample on others' rights while doing it!

It is NOBODY ELSE'S BUSINESS what you do with your life, yet everyone wants to control what everyone else does. Wake up and smell the awful truth, people! Our civil liberties are going down the shitter, and the majority of Americans elect people to office who seek to continue diminishing them!

If you've got any conscience at all, you shouldn't be supporting the Federal Marriage Amendment. Period.

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This is (presumably) the last update from good old Chicago. So let's go over a few items of business, shall we?

1. Asshole Neighbors, to the next level.

For those of you who keep up with LJ, you may recall the harrowing tale of my neighbor across the street asking what business I had when I was riding my bike on public property. I thought that was the end of it.

Was it? No. Story of my life. :)

Around a month or two ago, my mother's new husband, an accomplished packrat, pulled a monumental amount of his shit out of the garage to sift through it and clean up a bit. This proccess took a little over a week, so in the interim, he kept items in the driveway. So on the last day of the project, the City of Sierra Madre Code Nazi, a woman who drives around and investigates complaints of city code violations shows up and reprimands him about keeping two cars in the driveway perpetually, and for having all the crap in the driveway for "several months".

Let's put two and two together. Those fuckheads called the City, and made a complaint citing FALSIFIED INFORMATION. They never said anything to us directly.

That was then. Fast forward to last week.

We have a Rain Bird sprinkler in our front yard on a timer to irrigate the lawn. It activates at 6:30 am daily. You know, those click-click-click-click-click...whirrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr type sprinklers? At 6:45 in the morning, we received a phone call with a voice snarling, "TURN OFF THAT SPRINKLER!" And hung up. My folks thought nothing of it, and later discovered that the timer had been tampered with, and the water line had been turned off.

Not only did these fucks make false complaints to city government, they TRESPASSED on PRIVATE PROPERTY and TAMPERED WITH PRIVATE PROPERTY.

You know, they could have politely called, explained that the sprinkler bothered them, and asked that we adjust the timer. We would have gladly obliged. But the fact that they've been acting like complete shitheads really pisses me off. And this means war.

I am entertaining ideas to seek revenge on these fucks. Any suggestions, preferably non-destructive but highly inconvenient and annoying, would be appreciated. Please leave comments.

2. AT&T, masters of outsourcing.

I convinced my dad to get an entry-level DSL package from AT&T, so he could just have it added to his phone bill. It's working now, thank god, but it was a rocky start.

When the self-install kit arrived in the mail, it took me all of 5 minutes to get the equipment situated and connected. But then the modem wouldn't get the DSL signal. No problem, let's call the ubiquitous toll-free number and get this squared away. The hold time wasn't that long, maybe a couple of minutes. And then a man with a thick Hindu accent answered the line. After synchronizing account information with him, he informed me that the signal would not be active until 3 days later, and there was "nothing they can do" to activate it earlier, because it's scheduled at the central office, where all the local switching equipment is. Give me a fucking break! Oh, well. The signal did come on today, so I turned on the computer. No dice.

I forgot that most DSL providers use PPP over Ethernet, which is kind of like dialing up and having to enter a username and password. Okay, not a problem, let's call AT&T.

Just my luck, I got a fucking Indian guy again. Now I don't have a problem with Indian people, it's just that I COULDN'T FUCKING UNDERSTAND A GODDAMN WORD HE WAS SAYING! It's a customer service nightmare, because I have a better command of the English language and a higher level of computer literacy than these people in "technical support". The guy absolutely REFUSED to deviate from his script. When he mispronounced letters in the extremely convoluted password he gave me, he couldn't believe that I had pressed the "Next" buttom before he instructed me to! He kept saying "No, sir, do you still have that screen in front of you?"

So I finally got the fucker to say the password again and it worked.

AT&T, I'd like to say a big "FUCK YOU." If you want to offer decent customer service, don't outsource to India. The cultural differences make it too difficult to deal with them. Fuck's sake.

3. A new kind of vibrator.

I was walking through Wal-Mart the other day when I spotted a display for the new Gillette M3 Power. So I picked one up, figuring, a vibrating razor! Let's give it a try!

Well, the verdict is in. It works just like a regular Mach 3. But it vibrates! End of discussion.

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