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Jessica Sweet Reloaded. - peter.
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Jessica Sweet Reloaded.
So months have gone by since I initially fed the rumor mill about our dear Ms. Sweet's upcoming video. First I have to make a correction: Sweet's new project does NOT involve Tera Patrick. Misinformation always comes packaged with hearsay.

We now have the definite truth: Jessica Sweet no longer exists.

Which brings us to a certain press release...

HOLLYWOOD, CA – Britney Rears is coming to a city near you!

X-Play, the production company owned by Jeff Mullen and Scott David has entered into a distribution deal with LFP’s VCA label for the debut of Britney Rears...

The lifestyle movie features Britney with her sexy girlfriends doing what superstars do naturally. Limos, private Gulfstream jets, beautiful mansions, concert footage and hot, youthful hardcore sex are packed into an appealing package that has all of the indications of becoming a hugely successful title...

“We’re having fun with Britney and our potential audience is worldwide. We will market full force including some big VCA advertising including the full page ad in the February issue of AVN”, Mullen remarks.

Peter Reynolds, vp of sales and marketing for VCA Pictures commented, “I really love this project. Britney is a knockout and this is the total package. We’re going to really have some fun with this project”.

Check out ‘Britney Rears: Wild Back Stage Sex Party’ in stores March 8th from X-Play/VCA.

In true cheesy porno style, the young, naturally large-breasted Jessica Sweet has been reinvented as Britney Rears, a "pop star/porn star". Apparently this name change has also allowed X-Play to market her as a newcomer to the industry, but forum and blog activity on the internet finds that Jessica Sweet fans know what's up. Some apparently don't like the name change and prefer her old stage name over the new image. On HeyFreak.com one visitor quips about the new identity:

Yeah, it suprised me. I'm a big fan of Jessica's I.R. scenes. I don't dig the new name, though. Just to [sic] stale...

This got a response from a poster who used the name "Tiffany" but claimed to be Rears herself (I'm not going to bother with the [sic] here, all the speeling erorrs are her's:

This is Britney Rears. Please let me explain what is going on in my life. I was Jessica which was nothing in the industry and I got an oppirtunity to become something a star. I changed my name to Britney Rears and ever since than Im becoming more popular and making more . I had a lot of experiences which where not good as Jessica. Thats a part of my life I want to put in the past. The industry names aren't real so if I want to change my name to Britney Rears become a star and make more than its better being Britney Rears and I only wish it would have came earlier in my life. For years to come I will be known as the famous Britney Rears porn star. Love yea all Britney In conclusion, Jessica doesn't exist there is only Britney Rears. There will only be Britney .So, here I come world!!

Over at HeyFreak sister site Candy for Nerds, more complaints were voiced...

Here's cutie Britney Rears, formerly known as Jessica Sweet. Who the hell names these girls, anyway? I thought Jessica Sweet was a cute name. Britney Rears? Augh, I think it's a bad move on her part.

Of course, most people probably don't care what the fuck she calls herself, as long as they get to keep watching her get fucked, right? Right.

Poster "craig" quipped, "This Girl is so hot. The name is a disaster."

And finally Britney offered some last words in a posting that seemed a bit more legit than her last...

Hey guys!

I was cruising around the net and saw that you had my picture up. It was great to meet you at the AEE Mike, and thank you for taking a good picture of me.smile

Come by my website at britneyrears.com, because I have a trailer, a photo gallery of me and my girlfriends and a download of my theme song, "I Wanna Get Laid" all on there for your solo pleasure.

Who knows, I just might be in YOUR town soon, when I start my 30 stop signing tour.


You heard it right. Theme song. A novelty song is part of the Britney Rears package, with tactful, thought-provoking lyrics like "My name is Britney, my tits are real / All of the boys wanna cop a feel / My ass is tight and my hair ain't real / Lip synching songs, got a record deal".


Check out BritneyRears.com for the song and movie trailer.

More as this story develops.

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pixedpeas From: pixedpeas Date: February 15th, 2005 08:55 pm (UTC) (Link)
This is the best thing i have ever heard!
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